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DTO is a blockchain telecom operator that allows you to get your own number or prefix for web3 and the metaverse usage.

To get a unique number, you just need to specify the set of digits you like and make a payment set by a prefix registrar, for example, 0.1 ETH for the prefix "dto" per year. The number can be of any length from 1 to 10 digits.

A DTO number is an NFT token, the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Your NFT ID is your number with a prefix ID, used in a smart contract, for example, DTO12345. The number allows you to communicate, serves as a vcard (virtual contact card) and as a wallet address alias in any supported network.

The PublicStorage contract is used to store the data belonging to a number. It stores information about all wallets specified in other networks. You can also add your real phone number, avatar, and links to social networks. As a result, a DTO number becomes an identity card for web3 and the metaverse.

There is also a solution for business. Anyone can get their own prefix to boost their brand reputation and spread numbers via their own channels. Owning a prefix is indefinite and gives access to 10 billion numbers. The price is 100 ETH. The prefix can be of any length from 1 to 10 symbols. That way, the characters your prefix consists of could look like BSC12345, NIKE12345, FACEBOOK12345, etc.

Our BHAG is to turn DTO numbers into a master key to any service in web3 and the metaverse. It will bring crypto and the new internet closer to users and make a new way of communication as easy as any web2 chat.